Helping artists create better paintings with less guesswork, with the 

Picture Perfect "3 in 1 Plus" Viewfinderviewfinderset2 

Now with 3 new features: a ruler printed right on the viewfinder and, for protection from raindrops and paint smears, an optional transparent weather resistant sleeve for the Viewfinder and a laminated grey scale card.

 3 VIEWFINDERS  with composition guides.  En plein air or in the studio, use the grids in the clear windows for layout and positioning. The windows have differing ratios, scaled to match standard-size surfaces & frames, with basic composition quidelines & wide surrounds to isolate  the views. Find the best composition, sketch with greater accuracy, know instantly what standard surface sizes are appropriate.       

Recommended by many noted instructors including Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Maggie Price, Ian Roberts,  and Anita Louise West.

     The Picture Perfect "3 in 1 Plus" Viewfinder (copyright 1995 by Loretta Sias) is manufactured & distributed by


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